new obsession: yuna

recently, i’ve discovered a new artist.

yuna is a malaysian r&b singer-songwriter. i’m in love with her music. her voice, the production, the melodies, and the light, pretty beats are addictive.

i listened to her album chapters, which is, by the way, super aesthetically pleasing. i really like her collabs. her most popular song is probably crush with usher. it’s also the first song i’ve heard of hers, which got me hooked.

the song is essentially about having a crush on someone. the lyrics perfectly describe the situation, that rush and the feeling of your heart singing.

yuna and usher’s vocals blend together so nicely, and the subtle accents in the background make it a gift for your ears.

i also really love the song used to love you with jhene aiko.

yuna’s voice is gorgeous, the best way i can think to describe it is light but not feeble, soft and soothing.

the production is simple but effective. definitely not overproduced. i love how she arranged the beats, they’re complementing but don’t take over the song.

her songs are catchy and very pleasing to the ears.

if you haven’t heard of yuna, i’d highly recommend checking her out. especially the album chapters.


an anonymous love letter

i feel like i’ve internally confessed this a thousand times. i miss you. too much. it’s unjustifiable, because i can’t say i love you when i don’t know the story behind each scar on your body, and i haven’t heard your fondest memories from forever ago. but i do know that i’m in love with everything about you. everything that i do know. it’s like each day we’re apart the things i love about you become even more apparent. i’m sure if you were here with me right now my mind wouldn’t be obsessing over each fleeting glance and insignificant touch between us. i know about the way your eyes light up when you smile. god, your smile. i could replay it in my head forevermore. and the sound of your voice, the way you speak (it’s as if each word is a lifeline and i couldn’t possibly not cling onto it) so comforting. and the absurd things you say (i sadly can’t say i remember them all) could be written on my tombstone. i know about your scent, familiar now, i sometimes can smell it in the air even when you’re not here. i remember the way it lingered on my bed sheets but i wish it had lingered longer. and your presence, how it shocks the air. just you sitting beside me, your warmth radiating into my bones, melting my organs from within. how am i not incinerated. and i feel like such an idiot, because i haven’t even seen you in what could be forever, and i bet i haven’t crossed your mind for awhile now. but i want to cry. because you feel like home and i’ve been away for so long.